There are several things you can do now to get a head start and prepare for future migration to SAP S/4HANA. By taking a look at items such as your database footprint and master data, you can take steps now to clean up and minimize storage requirements (and lower costs).

Figuring out how you may be able to reduce database size prior to migration can be a huge value. Conducting an SAP archiving assessment is a great way to do this. By taking a look at your existing data footprint and creating an SAP archiving strategy, you may find opportunities to minimize the size of your existing database – and that translates directly to reduced HANA license costs.

itelligence can help you craft a strategy to minimize the size of your existing database and reduce hardware requirements prior to conversion to SAP S/4HANA. Our archiving assessment includes the following:

  • Overview of archiving terminology and options
  • Review of existing database sizing and extraction of key table sizes
  • Instructions for archiving standard SAP objects
  • Projections on the cost, effort, and time required to complete the archiving process
  • Recommendations and next steps

By taking these steps prior to the conversion, you may also avoid additional downtime during the conversion process.