Getting the Modern Analytics Platform Right

The Risks of Not Modernizing in a World of Digital Transformation

  • Traditional analytics platform cannot handle the volume and variety of information available
  • A closer look at the main challenges faced by businesses today in regards to data and analytics
  • Today’s modern analytics platform uses technology to bridge the divide

Do You Have a Handle on Your Data and Data Insights? 


By 2025, the “global datasphere” will grow to 1 trillion gigabytes—ten times the data that was generated worldwide in 2016. Today’s organizations need an analytics platform that help them separate the wheat from the chaff. They need a platform that can take a constant influx of data, both structured and unstructured, and deliver actionable insights in real time. Discover the top challenges of the traditional analytics platform and the best practices to overcome them and to use modern data for success.

This white paper discusses:

  • The challenges of the not updating to a modern analytics platform
  • Using data to bridge the divide
  • The risks of not modernizing
  • What to look for in a modern analytics platform
  • How to measure success in the real world



Karthik Palanisamy itelligence analyticsThis white paper is written by analytics expert Karthik Palanisamy. Karthik has been an evangelist for analytics/ BI from both the business and technology perspective. He has experience with starting as well as developing analytics organizations/practices and driving change within companies to become an analytics focused organization. His experience covers both SAP and Non-SAP technologies. His background covers running teams on both the business and technology side as well as being both on the client and consulting side. This enables him to bring a unique perspective to his engagements and is able to connect with the customers effectively as he helps them define strategies. He has frequently shared his knowledge at various SAP conferences and SAP publications.

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