It’s clear the digital economy has opened up opportunities for midmarket companies to leverage the same tools and processes as larger enterprises to become digital businesses. But not all digital businesses are created equal.

Customer experience professionals are at the forefront of this evolution, chartering their go-to-market activities with delivering a differentiated customer experience at the point of customer contact. To achieve this personalized level of customer experience, best-run small and midsize companies leverage the digital transformation process and its technology advancements to move their organizations beyond fixing old problems to setting the stage for the next generation of their customer-handling environment.

IDC conducted a survey of 1,957 midsize companies worldwide to identify key factors associated with business success and progress toward becoming a best-run, digitally engaged company. The respondents were categorized into four groups based on their performance: laggards, survivors, strivers, and best-run.

For more details, download the IDC InfoBrief, The Customer Experience Role in Best-Run Midsize Companies: Embedding Intelligence to Drive CX.