Recently, IDC conducted a study of 1,957 midsize companies worldwide to identify key factors associated with business success and progress toward becoming a best-run, digitally engaged company. What they found was that HR executives in best-run midsize companies take the lead in aligning the workforce through use of modern technologies.

IDC categorized respondents into four groups based on their performance (best-run, strivers, survivors and laggards), and the differences are clear in several areas for best-run companies:

  • HR is focused on strategic initiatives.
  • HR executives say their companies use innovation well in meeting organizational strategy and objectives.
  • HR executives understand the great importance of a terrific employer brand, which makes attracting talent easier.

For more information on these insights and more, download the IDC report, The HR Role in Best-Run Midsize Companies: Using Intelligent Technologies to Manage the Total Workforce.