In a recent SAP-commissioned thought-leadership study, Forrester conducted an online survey with 485 analytics and business intelligence (BI) decision makers across the globe to evaluate business intelligence strategies and the use of cloud in those strategies.

Forrester’s study found that companies are embracing hybrid cloud to support business analytics/BI because it:

  • Enables companies to put data insights to greater use for driving business improvements.
  • Expands the value to analytics/BI more broadly across the enterprise.
  • Allows the ability to leverage modern cloud analytics architectures (i.e., multi-tenancy, micro-services, application containers, and others).
  • Provides greater resource and pricing elasticity to meet ever-changing customer and other business requirements.

Based on the study, 82% of companies agree that hybrid analytics/BI and data processing are a critical next step in the evolution of their analytics/BI.

To learn more, download the Forrester study, Hybrid Cloud Boosts Analytics Maturity and Supports Business Growth.