In the digital economy, there has been a clear shift in the customer experience towards convenience. Technology has always powered this quest for convenience, but what will the impact of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) have on the way we do business in the future?

How will companies survive in a world where customers precisely specify the terms of the relationship – and then completely delegate it to AI? Where they value morality and meaning more than brand names and product features? Where customers multiply their market power through digital tribes or other connected groups?

As part of a broader series examining life and business in the 21st century, the SAP Center for Business Insight worked with more than a dozen industry experts to answer these and other questions, uncovering five trends that will determine the digital customer experience over the next decade:

  1. Make Way for Meaning
  2. Embracing AI Intermediaries
  3. Customers Become Contributors
  4. From Markets to Mobs
  5. Values Define Value

In this report, SAP examines each of these trends and offers recommendations for how companies should respond now. To learn more, download the white paper, The Future Customer Experience: Five Essential Trends.