Successfully Navigate the SAP User License Audit Process


SAP User License Audit Process


It’s that time again! The SAP User License Audit is a yearly process that all customers are contractually obligated to perform for SAP. This process lists the number of users actively using the system and compares those results to the number of licenses the customer has purchased. 

We can help you:

  1. Better understand the SAP License Audit Process
  2. Understand the value of optimizing license data
  3. Optimize prior to your SAP License Audit
  4. Create documentation for license classification
  5. Minimize risk of buying more licenses than needed
  6. Complete the SAP License Audit Process with confidence

 As with any yearly task, this comes with extra work. That is especially true if your system isn’t kept up during the course of the year. We can help!

Our license audit support will provide you with:

  • Pre-Audit Analysis Tips and Tricks
  • Guidance on Audit Process Phase 1 – Initial Reporting
  • Optimization of Development and Production Systems
  • Fulfillment of SAP Price List
  • Deliver Measurements of Production & Development Systems
  • Audit Review Analysis
  • Advisory Support for Audit Process Questions
  • Support Tailored to Your Needs
  • SAP Contractual Obligations Completed

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