These questions and answers will give you a quick overview over the topics related to starting and developing a career at itelligence.

What are itelligence’s hiring prerequisites?
We are interested in recruiting people who are eager to learn and discover, and combine the ability to absorb information quickly with a hunger for learning. Our future co-workers should be partial to the melding of process knowledge and technical know-how. They should be individuals who enjoy working and interacting with other people and a wide range of different personalities.

Which topics should I be prepared to discuss at a job interview?
You should first ask yourself the following questions: what exactly prompted me to submit an application to itelligence? What does consulting services for medium-sized companies mean to me? What do I want to achieve at itelligence? Which contributions can I personally make to the success of itelligence?

Do I also have the option to work as an intern at itelligence?
We offer students who have the talent and the hunger to learn the option to spend some time with us to get a feel for the world of consulting. They should be able to commit at least 3 months of their time to such an internship. Once they complete it successfully, they have the option to work for us while they continue their studies.

On which levels can I start my career at itelligence?
itelligence offers a variety of levels for you to begin your career with us – as a Junior Professional, Professional or Senior Professional. It depends entirely on your professional experience in the SAP environment.

How long do projects take on average?
There is no such thing as an average project time. Each assignment is as different and individual as our customers are.

Do I have a say in terms of the projects I am assigned to?
Project teams are composed on the basis of the required competencies and experiences as well as the specific customer needs. As a newcomer, you will have the opportunity to tell us during the onboarding process, which industries and functional disciplines you prefer. This allows us to appropriately consider your preferences when assigning you.

How and when can I start to focus on specialization?
In the first three hierarchy levels you are expected to develop your own foundation in one of the SAP disciplines. You, your supervisor and your coach will discuss your specific development in a professional core area.

Can I write my diploma thesis at itelligence?
Yes, itelligence provides support for and assistance with practice-based diploma theses.

Will I have the opportunity to gain international experiences at itelligence?
Yes, once you join us, you can coordinate an international exchange program with your supervisor.

How much time will I spend traveling as a consultant?
Given that we can implement changes only in direct cooperation with the employees of the client company, you will be required to spend two to four days a week on location with the customer – depending on the scope of the project. Depending on your position, you may also be assigned to a "remote" work station at the itelligence office to render services for our customers.

Which documents will I have to present along with my application?
Your application should comprise the following at a minimum: a cover letter, in which you introduce yourself and state what motivated you to apply for a position with itelligence; a personal data sheet and copies of your most important certificates (high school diploma, pre-graduation certificate or interim test certificate, university/college graduation diploma) and letters of recommendation based on internships or prior employment relationships. Please also stipulate your salary expectations.

Do you have any questions that have not been covered here?

If so, please write to:

How do I submit my application?

You can send us your application via postal services or via e-mail.

itelligence AG
Team Human Resources
Königsbreede 1
33605 Bielefeld


We have quite a lofty goal: next to SAP, we intend to become the most attractive employer in the SAP environment. This is why we have developed – a concept aiming at the targeted recruitment and fostering of young talent. The concept was developed in conjunctions with the SAP University Alliances Program and is equally beneficial for SAP, itelligence and the universities/colleges that participate.

As partners, we develop ideas and projects for a cooperative culture of the future that aims at the recruitment and fostering of young talent at universities, colleges and schools. A joint project case study on the topic of consulting services for medium-sized companies, for instance, brings a breath of fresh air into the theoretical curriculum of universities and colleges.

itelligence exhibits at select college and university fairs and our consulting colleagues are involved in the teaching process by presenting speeches and SAP workshops. Our annual graduates‘ day, which is hosted by our Bielefeld headquarters, gives students and graduates hands-on insights into the world of SAP consulting. Even if the itelligence graduates‘ day targets primarily college and university graduates – the program also attracts doctoral candidates, diploma candidates, interns and student assistants. Topics for diploma theses that benefit specific projects or internships for talented students have long been important components of itelligence’s talent promotion programs.

Schedules and dates for our HR Events are published on the start page. We invite you to contact us:

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