image_it_service_new Being close to the customers for itelligence always means permanent support and availability.

Our hotline ensures that you get professional and quick support and responses at any time and for any relevant questions. A close customer relation is the core philosophy of our hotline. In our hotline – run by our Support Advantage Centers – each customer gets his “own” service person for a competent and trustful support. A personal atmosphere and quick response times are valuable benefits for our customers.

But service also means regional nearness for us. We do speak our customers’ language, where ever he might be located. This is possible through our international presence in Europe and in the US. Our hotline for Europe is run in German and English in our Support Advantage Center in Bielefeld. The American market is served by our local branch in Cincinnati (Ohio) where another Support Advantage Center is based.

With our service packages in the remote services area we do offer solutions that allow a complete and comprehensive support for our customers. The efficiency of time and cost saving operations can only be realized and measured with the right support and service in the background. itelligence is your one-stop-shop for IT and SAP services.  

Benefits and Advantages of our Hotline:

  • Up-to-date SAP and IT know-how available
  • Quick response times day and night
  • Time savings in your application operations
  • Personal support from our experts
  • International, multilingual services

Responsive Enterprise Support

Our Enterprise Support Team strives to consistently meet or exceed severity based service level targets for response times to new messages.  Enterprise Support customers benefit from our commitment to achieving these target response times. 

Severity Level           Initial Response Target
1 - Very High               1 Hour (24x7 coverage)
2 - High                       4 Working Hours
3 - Medium                  8 Working Hours
4 - Low                       16 Working Hours

Our actual year-to-date average response time across all message severity levels is under 16 minutes.

We follow SAP standard definitions for problem message severity levels, ranging from very high and high levels to medium or low levels.  SAP Note 67339 defines these severity levels.

Maintenance Customers

Cincinnati Your contact at itelligence, Inc. Maintenance Team
Phone +1 513 956-2500 or +1 866 483-5543 (itell-help) Send email