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Think SAP is too big - too expensive - too complicated for your company? Let us show you how 82,500+ customers know better. It's time you think big and RUN BETTER!

Think SAP is too Big for You? Think Again

If you’re a small to mid-size business, you may have heard that SAP is only for bigger companies. Not so! Give us two minutes of your time and we’ll show you how SAP is the right size for you today and as you grow.

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Think SAP is too Complicated for You? Think Again

If you’re a small to mid-size business, you have heard that SAP is too complex, takes too long to implement or is hard to use. Not so! Give us two minutes of your time and we’ll show you how uncomplicated SAP really is!

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Think SAP is too Expensive? Think Again

You’d be surprised at how truly affordable an SAP solution can be. Customers often find themselves saving money sooner that they could imagine! Watch and see how SAP makes great fiscal sense.

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Total customization with SAP ERP

With SAP ERP, you’ll cover all the standard functions a mid-sized company could ever need. We’ll help you pinpoint and implement the functions that are relevant to your business. That way, you can rest assured that you’re only getting the solutions you actually need. Of course, if you want to expand in the future, or if your software requirements increase, we’ll also be there to help upgrade and adapt your system to meet these new demands.

Tailored for your industry

If you need a solution that’ll cover your entire value chain and that can be implemented and operated transparently and quickly within sensible cost parameters, then itelligence has just what you are looking for. By pre-configuring your industry solution, we can set up the majority of your processes in advance as part of a complete solution. As well as saving you time and money, this also gives you a good idea of what your solution will look like, or should look like, at the very start of the project. More

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is SAP’s new solution for small and medium-sized companies. This comprehensive on-demand solution doesn’t require installation on your own servers. Due to its service-oriented architecture the software is made available via the Internet. You simply have to register to use it.

SAP Business ByDesign provides all important functions required in everyday business life, offering comprehensive support features, which help you to operate the software. In addition, the solution is easily adaptable and helps SMBs to increase their efficiency by integrating and automating their core processes.

Cross-Industry Solutions

In addition to your ERP solution, we offer cross-industry solutions from SAP as well as our own applications – all designed to support you in making the relevant business segments even more efficient. We can advise and assist you when it comes to selecting and implementing the standard SAP business solutions, not to mention our portfolio of specialised in-house solutions. These solutions address critical core tasks and can easily be integrated into SAP. As a result, they deliver direct and immediately visible added value to your business. More

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