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It is getting tight at the point of sale. The consumer expects and obtains ever more specific products within an ever shorter period of time. High brand loyalty is giving way to an increasing willingness to swap brands. For this reason the manufacturers are concentrating their strengths and competences on developing and launching new items very quickly and marketing these items successfully.

In order to gain the time required for this rigorous strategic action, internal and external processes need to run as efficiently as possible. The only real way of achieving this to maximum effect is by means of an IT solution that is fundamentally oriented towards the consumer goods industry.

it.cpg is the qualified SAP Business All-in-One solution of itelligence for the food and beverage processing industry. The entire value-added chain is mapped in an integrated ERP solution, from the initial product idea through development, planning, procurement, production and customer service.

it.cpg offers your organization cross-functional integration in a single-providing key industry capabilities in:

  • Recipe management
  • Period actual costing
  • Procurement support of livestock and other commodities with net weight yields, premium/penalty pricing and regulatory reporting
  • Catch weight support throughout the order fulfillment cycle
  • Shipping unit license plates that provide case-level visibility of shipping unit contents accessible through RFID
  • Quote to Cash requirements, including Customer Service & Efficiency, Margin Management as well as Supply Chain & Logistical Efficiencies (Special Order Types)

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