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See the Future More Clearly with Predictive Analytics

Join us for an on-demand demonstration of how you can use SAP Predictive Analytics to better forecast revenue using external market drivers. If you are not including external variables such as weather, price of oil, unemployment rate, housing starts and other factors in your annual forecast, you aren’t seeing the whole picture clearly.

With SAP Predictive Analytics, you can predict customer churn, optimize inventory based on knowing what your customers will purchase before they purchase it, and more! Predictive Analytics takes your forecasting, customer segmentation and marketing plans to a whole new level.

After the session, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of how you can develop a forecast based on external drivers;
  • View a live demo of both SAP Predictive Analytics and BusinessObjects Cloud;
  • Understand how Predictive Analytics and BusinessObjects Cloud can integrate both financial and customer data; and
  • See an example of forecasting gross profit using two SAP tools.

Watch the video on-demand now. Or learn more about our Predictive Analytics workshop and how you can harness the power of predictive analytics to see the future more clearly!

Meet our presenters:

Kyle Graham | itelligence North America

Kyle Graham
EPM Solutions Manager

Bob Chicvak | itelligence North America

Bob Chicvak
Supply Chain and Optimization